Making Legends Local Gala 2020

Hagood Homes Presents
17th Annual Making Legends Local Gala – 2020 PERFECT VISION 

Stay-At-Home UnGala

Sadly, you will NOT enjoy Top 20 Hits of all time performed by Cape Fear’s Local “Legends” – DIVAs – Boy Bands – Hip-Hop & Rap Superstars, Country Artists or Rock N Rollers during the Lip-Sync Battle for the coveted Legend of the Year Trophy.

“No-Show” Tickets $100 per person

Do NOT Join us for the Making Legends Local Gala. With all of the NOT happening, you are saving yourself the cost of your GALA outfit/costume, babysitting, parking, pampering, etc. costs for your night out on the town.

Make a donation of $17 a month = 2 tickets and spread out your donation a little each month – be a G.E.M!

The Federal CARES act allows taxpayers to deduct up to $300 ($25 a month donation) in charitable contributions from their taxable income for donations made in 2020. Taxpayers will be able to claim the deduction on their tax forms next year even if you don’t itemize.

Since March 16th, when NC started sheltering at home to battle COVID-19, Carousel’s Team provided:

  • over 450 hours to facilitate Child Medical Evaluations and forensic interviews for 25 children who reportedly have experienced physical or sexual abuse and/or neglect,
  • our Trauma Therapy Team provided nearly 400 hours of trauma therapy,
  • Family Advocates facilitated over 100 hours of support, advocacy and assistance for child survivors and their families.
  • Carousel Family Advocates and Therapists contacted any child that visited our offices since January 1st, just to check in, ask how things are going, and see if there were unmet needs. As a result, after 122 contacts and 13 hours, Carousel’s Team delivered, or prepared for pick-up, care packages for families needing a bit of extra support in this unusual time….and as always, regardless of a child’s insurance status or their family’s ability to self-pay!

We appreciate the investment you make in us to continue to offer Cape Fear’s only,
nationally-accredited Child Advocacy Center!

Carousel’s Team cannot wait to hear from you! In honor of 2020 UN-GALA, feel free to post a lip-sync of your own Top 20 favorite and link to us @carouselcenter on Facebook, or @thecarouselcenter on Instagram in remembrance of 2020 “Making Legends Local” GALA, 20/20 Is Perfect Vision! tag us #tccjusttryingtohelpsomekids

Save the Date Making Legends Local for April 24th, 2021!! Please contact if you have any questions.

Thank you for standing beside us and for being our partner in hope!

We are Grateful for our Sponsors!



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