Oldies But Goodies

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We, at the Shady Vino’s Nursing Home Facility, are exhausted, former employees of NHRMC. We finally retired to live our final days at this fine establishment. We decided to join this important event because we heard there was a physician prescribing wine; actually, he is a Pediatrician. Yes, you heard us right! Now that’s good healthcare, even better than Canada…eh? Our cast members are Dr. Joseph Pino and his nurse, Lorraine Sieminski, along with residents Lynette McFayden, Maureen Malkmus, Victoria Watts, and Natalie Pino. Other residents, Jessica Williams and Heather Thornton, are acting in a duet as Donna Summers. At NHRMC we represent various areas including SEAHEC, Research, Practice Support, Zimmer Cancer Center, and Information Technology. All of us Shady Vinos support the Carousel Center. As parents, grandparents, and foster care parents, we now live our remaining days sharing stories of the good times and pictures of our own children and grandchildren. We all need to help each other and support the children of our community. Before you know it, you’ll be as old as we are! You’ll want to look back at your life and know you made a difference in a child’s life. So, we are giving it all we got, one more shot. Our Last Dance, our last chance at romance. We can’t sing. We can’t dance. We probably can’t lip sync either, but we’ll try our best! We hope you will consider helping our NHRMC Last Dance team in support of the Carousel Center!