Strong Sisters

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Representing the unforgettable “Pointer Sisters,” we have a tall beauty who specializes in relaxing muscles through gifted hands (Brenda McGhee of Miller Motte Massage Clinic), a powerhouse in a small package who helps her patients get moving again through “P.T.” (not to be confused with “pain and torture”) (Brenda Howard of WellCare), a fun-loving administrative professional who cheerfully lightens the burden of others (Dal Brown of NHRMC), and a passionate compliance officer with a tough skin who seeks truth in all of her endeavors (Vera Newkirk of NHRMC)! We strongly support The Carousel Center’s mission to meet the physical, emotional and psychological needs of children who have suffered physical or sexual abuse and to improve the community through child abuse education and prevention. In the absence of this safe haven we call The Carousel Center, we’d fail our children by allowing them to suffer in darkness and we’d fail our community by not shedding light on this horrific reality. We are “So Excited” that we can be voices for children who have been robbed of theirs! And for that, we will reign as the 2018 Lip Syncing Legend of the Year!