Wilma Girls

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The WILMA Girls are made up of a collection of INDIVIDUALS that first came together to perform a Taylor Swift number in the 2013 Carousel Center “Making Legends Local” Gala. Since then, the “ladies” have performed numbers from Hairspray in 2014 and an awesome 80’s Medley in 2015. The “ladies” took 2016 and 2017 off to have some work done, but were always there to support their fellow cast members! They are so excited to return to the stage this year with a tasteful and lovely medley of Village People songs. They have been blown away as they discovered all the history, mystery, and complexity that once was the Village People! They strive to honor that legacy through their personal art. Their lip syncing prowess will certainly catapult them to “legendary” status this year! Amy Rowlett, Christa Preville, Craig Snow, Kim Goad, Maggi Apel, and Pam Stephens cherish the opportunity to act silly with their friends to support those in our community that have been impacted by the neglect and abuse of children. What an easy way to give back! Act silly in front of friends and the community to help an amazing local non-profit!