Project Description

Partner in Prevention


Learn the Facts: If we don’t understand child sexual abuse, we can’t end it.

Minimize Opportunity: Avoid putting children in isolated one-on-one situations.

Talk About It: Encourage children to talk openly about their bodies, sex, and boundaries. Help them to share and feel safe.

Recognize the Signs: Emotional or behavioral changes are often the most common sign, rather than physical trauma.

Reaction Responsibly: North Carolina law mandates that we report suspicions of sexual abuse to the appropriate authorities.

Carousel Child Advocacy Center launched the Tri-County Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Initiative with the goal to train 10% of the adult population in Stewards of Children This is about 35,000 adults! 

Become a Partners in Prevention is a distinction awarded to businesses / organizations /agencies who train over 90% of their staff in Stewards of Children developed by Darkness to Light, a nonprofit organization committed to empowering adults to end child sexual abuse.

Partners In Prevention organizations have committed to providing training annually for new employees who have started during the year, and renew the training for their employees every 3 years. For Youth Serving organizations a requirement is to implement policies and procedures to increase child abuse prevention behaviors.

Be an advocate for children! Contact Rebecca Martin at (910) 254-9898 or email her at [email protected].