Project Description


The Carousel Center is called to aid child survivors of abuse and neglect, and their families in the everyday work that we do, whether it is through victim support, medical services and forensic interviews, therapeutic services, case management, or a host of other activities that ensure that children who are survivors of abuse can heal, recover, thrive, and shine.

And that’s not all.

We are all  advocates

  • when we educate our communities about abuse prevention, mandated reporting, human trafficking, and trauma-informed responses.
  •  when we work to create communities that are safer, healthier, and more supportive of children and families who need protection and support.
  • when our interviewers, our therapists, and our medical professionals testify in court, educating judges and jury alike about what it means to be a survivor of abuse.

And most of all, we are advocates when we look into a child’s eyes, knowing that we are called to their aid, and knowing that we will answer that call.