Education & Outreach

  Tours & Presentations – Come visit your local Child Advocacy Center (CAC) and take a tour to understand the history and services offered at The Carousel Center. You will also learn about the benefits of the CAC Model and how we collaborate with our community partners to promote healing and justice for children. In-person or virtual presentations are available. Call 910-254-9898 to schedule a tour.
  Stewards of Children®– Stewards of Children is a 2.5 hour award winning, evidence-informed curriculum that equips every adult in our community to protect children from child sexual abuse (CSA). Information is presented by CSA survivors and professionals from a variety of sectors in an engaging, memorable way that will leave participants feeling empowered to take action immediately. Click here to view current session dates or for information to schedule a private group workshop.
  Screening of Resilience – Resilience is a 60-minute film that explores the science behind Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Directed by James Redford, it not only explains how exposure to trauma affects a child’s brain but also demonstrates how toxic stress increases the risk of a lifetime of negative health outcomes, even early death. Contact Rebecca Martin to schedule a screening.
  Community Resiliency Model CRM®The (CRM)® trains community members to not only help themselves but to help others within their wider social network. The primary focus of this skills-based, stabilization program is to re-set the natural balance of the nervous system. CRM’s goal is to help to create “trauma-informed” and “resiliency-focused” communities that share a common understanding of the impact of trauma and chronic stress on the nervous system and how resiliency can be restored or increased using this skills-based approach. 
  Additional Training is in Development – Check back for more educational opportunities!